Thursday, 26 March 2015

A tribute to Mr lee Kuan Yew

For the pass few day's Singapore has been a quiet place as we mark our respect to our late founding father Mr lee Kuan Yew whom pass away on the 23rd March 2015 at 3.18am local timing at Singapore General Hospital. Now currently his body is lying in state at the parliament house singapore , 5 guards standing in-directly with him. The parliament is open to public to pay their last respect to Mr lee and i am very touch by the people whom are queuing to visit him and the people who provide food , drinks and shelter to those who are queuing and they got tired cause the queue got last about 8hr's straight. The crowd at there is a massive and this show's that Singaporean do care about our founding father. ( Mr Lee Kuan Yew) The picture below show's the queue and the amount of people queuing.

Another thing's that has also shown tribute to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was an Artwork and sign's roaming around the social media this few day's. About the art work was about this Guy who drew Mr Lee face with 18000 words of Mr Lee Kuan Yew to form out a Face of him on a A3 size paper. The artist is Ong Yi Teck and he took 15 hr's to complete the artwork which he created and His work won't be sold. Another tribute was a Sign about Mr Lee in a Bow and with his face on it as a silhouette behind it. Artist name is Unknown but he/she is a very creative and innovative way to manipulate into a Sign. This actually show's that Singaporean are thought full and give their best to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. So I have decided to create an artwork with the Sign and manipulate it with thumbprint instate of just black bow. I did this artwork was because i would like to present it to Mr Lee as "He was the one whom given us the identity of who we are now". So i worked with my teacher's to create a artwork with thumbprint as a tribute to Mr Lee , my teacher's are very supportive and help me in many ways to get the thumbprint from the School. This is the artwork that i have manipulate it with the print's. The picture below is the final artwork that i have manage to create it within 12 hour's as tomorrow i will be visiting Mr Lee Kuan Yew with my School.

The Top picture is me with the artwork and the tribute board that is being place in our school to write to Mr Lee.

So today i have manage to collect 300 thumbprint from the Principle , teacher's , friends and student that visited our school for an event's. This was quite challenging as it's very hard to work with thumbprint as people tend to have different pressure when applying it to the work but it was a great out-come of the artwork and you can check out in my instagram : @IONIC_CONG or visit ITE College East. I would really like to thank everyone who contribute the prints and making this artwork a possible good turnout. And I would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU to Mr Lee Kuan Yew for everything you have done for us and giving us a identity of a country and a sense of belonging to Singapore. And this Coming Sunday would the state funeral and over on internet everyone is deciding on what to wear on Sunday it's either Black or white but what i say would be just wear with your heart on with be grateful already.


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Sunday, 22 March 2015

23 March was one of the saddest day.

  • Today , 23rd March 2015 was one the most saddest day to Singapore as Today we lost one of our founding father of Singapore in the earlier morning at 03.18am. Our founding father of singapore Mr lee kuan yew was declared dead at Singapore general hospital in the earlier morning by his doctor. It was suppose to be a great morning for me but was one the most saddest morning as i woke up early in the morning to the most saddest new's that Mr Lee passed on in the morning.  Mr Lee passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital today at 3.18am. He was 91," said the Prime Minister Office of Singapore . Just a Background on Mr Lee : who was born in 1923, formed the People’s Action Party in 1954, then became Prime Minister in 1959. He then led the nation through a merger with the Federation of Malaysia in 1963, as well as into Independence in 1965. Such a great leader of Singapore but he works will always still be with us and in our thoughts. Singapore has made plan's for his funeral and 23rd till 29th march was be a half-masked flag in respect to Mr Lee.  Today , was suppose to be my birthday but i won't be celebrating my birthday as respect to him. Birthday celebration is just one of it which can be celebrate anytime but losing a great man like Mr Lee Kuan Yew would be a painful lost to many Singaporean as he built the future and Singapore itself. Without him then will not be Singapore. Do pay your respect at the  Parliament House from Wednesday to Saturday, for the public to pay their respects. Those who wish to pay their last respects at Parliament House can do so from 10am to 8pm daily from Wednesday to Saturday.A State Funeral Service will be held at 2pm on Sunday at the University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore. He be a great inspiration to me to work harder and build a better future within myself first then build the rest with people around us. Thanks for Reading. 
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Friday, 20 March 2015

What a great march.

Sorry guys in advance , for not blogging for the past few month's as it's a very busy month for me as School has started long ago and i had no time to blog. This march i would say it's the best march i even experience cause i had lot of exciting news and gift from family and friends member , why i would say this is a exciting month for march? Cause i am like finally going to turn 18 this year by the 23 march 2015. I had received one of the bet present was a GEAR S (SAMSUNG) from my parent's as i kind of have been hinting them on the gift i want. And to my surprise i finally got my Smart Watch as a birthday present. Hmmm the next gift was from : I manage to become a Brand Ambassador and people who shop at ZALORA with my Code would get a 15% on any purchase at Zalora with a new account. My code for Zalora is  (ZBAPQZ9V) use the code given to Receive a 15% discount. Do Support with the code given to shop at a cheaper and much stress free on the item you are paying for. As Provides Free Delivery and refund when you get's your Size Wrong.

So this was one of the best gift i received from both my parent's and Zalora. But this are just a few gift from them as i also received gift from Neighbor and friends too but just not going to blog about it as You may find me Long winded. HAHA  Last few days , i attended a talk by SINGAPORE YOUTH BUDGET by the BUDGET SINGAPORE where we comment on where and why this idea was given by the government of SINGAPORE. During the talk , i manage to get to ask question and to my surprise i appeared on TV channel 8 where i was asking a question. Hmmm I was not prepare to appeared on tv cause i think i had a bad hair day on that day. hahaha
So this me on tv where i am asking a question and i think it's very unglam. HAHA Kind of change the look on me by wearing a needy Spec's. But it's actually a great chance to be on TV for a few second. As there is this saying Frame can happen within Seconds. Such a Wise word by that person who came out with this Phase. With more inform on how and where the code or where to use the code : Please check out my instagram at @IONIC_CONG (Place where social media get's people together in one place to share the joy) So do check out my insta or any other social media with @IONIC_CONG and Hope everyone have a great month ahead of you. Thank's 

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ending Of My first week of School.

Yeah , it's finally Sunday night and it's coming to a end to my first week of school reopen and lot of exciting thing's have happen just in that week. Hmm I can say that Singapore Life as a student is quite tough too cause my sleeping hours during holiday is about 10 to 12 hrs when school reopen is only 5 to 6 hrs only haha , plus i have to wake up by 5am if it's 8am lessson and 10am lesson i have to wake up by 6am. I have decided to do a video with my friend ( Aqilah) about our Vlog to school and how we manage to travel to school with singapore mode of transport. So we come out with a Vlog ideas on the way that we are coming to school btw my school is all the way to the East of Singaore. HAHAHA anyway first day of school was the usual i get to see my course mate and they get to see me and i get to see my new teacher's but during the first day of school something bad happen cause my Class Form teacher is leaving this school cause he have a new working life outside so he only have 19 working days left with us. That's really sad cause he is really a very amazing teacher we can get in the school but yet he is quite annoying and funny at sometime but we really have a very fun time with him , so we have decided to give him a farewell present and hope the best for him in his working life and future. I had a amazing day in school during this week cause i also get to see my junior but they look older then us sia hahaha why? i am your senior and you look older then us hias. Yet it's still happy cause there are quite a few of pretty ones hahaha you get what i mean. Anyway should stop talking about my school back to my life , i had quite a few offer by some friend for some jobs but sadly had to reject them. Had a short meet up with them for dinner and movie dates and some chats on some topic but it seem boring quite it's quite fun hahaha. Anyways this year it's a new year and i hope school would be fun and not boring , new year means new image so i have under go some changes if you guy notice on my previous blog and had a new hair cut. Anyways i hope you guys had a enjoyable week ahead of you and stay healthy is the most important key factor here.

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Check up Day.

Today was quite a great and tiring day , as i have to travel two place in a day for a medical check up and treatment. Hmmm today morning i had a meeting with my school mates and teacher for a brunch at a local shopping mall in singapore , it's been quite a long time since we last met each other everyone is busy with exam and lot of thing's to do in 2014. So we met up for 2 hrs and had a great brunch treat by my teacher and the brunch was awesome and the food is great ( just that i find the beef over cook too much already as i want medium rare) But anyway the food was great and cheap and quite worth of money to spend on this type of food. After brunch, we walk around the mall as we are too full till my stomach is rejecting for dessert hahahaha. So after walking around like a chicken without a head and finally everything had to end as everyone had plans in the evening and me tooo. It was about 2pm local time in sg , i had to go for my appointment for my full body check up as i do this annually just to ensure that my body is working perfectly fine and i have to go through quite a lot of testing like running , blood and sweating just to test that my body is fine and i am healthy. After my check up at the hospital , i have another appointment with my Facial doctor as my face is having outbreaks and it's a new year and we have too make everything new. So my doctor help me to do a minor surgery on my face and a few treatment and to ensure that my face will not have scar and pimples again , then he help me to do some cleaning on my face. But seriously you will be wondering like why do guy do facial or even do treatment? hahaha Actually this is a question that most of my friend has been asking me about and my answer i that : the body is yours and it's how you want to take good care of it. But anyways i had a great dinner at a local pizza shop which is pizza hut hahaha i am like really a guy that is going around to eat during my holiday hahahaha. But anyways i had a great and tiring day so how about you guys? how do you spend you day today?

Signing off

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Oh great.

Hmmmm , Like finally my common cold and flu have finally recovered. As i can't take it anyone , in the morning when i woke up , i wasn't able to breath properly and i was having a bad cough. The feeling of the cough is like : My chest muscle is going to be tear apart. So i decided to visit the family clinic again and seek medical attention , after a few check up , jab and medication. My flu is feeling much much better and the cough is suppressing with the help of the cough syrup that i was given. Yesterday was really a sick day as my body was aching and running on a low fever and i didn't have the energy to blog so i decided today would be better as i had quite a interesting day. First i was told that i there would be a package from US which sent by someone and i would receive sooner or later hahaha and secondly i get to catch my favorite movie (Taken) in the local cinema of Singapore - Cathay Cinema and i got to watch it in Suite Cinema as someone invited me to do a review of the movie with her so i accompanied her to watch the movie and tried out the dishes there and the service there is excellent. Hmmmm You don't have to fly first class to experience this feeling. Just visit Cathay Platinum suite and catch the movie there to experience a whole new movie style , hmmmm where was i again? Yeah! I remember i was talking about the movie it's awesome and fantastic as the guy who said this " i don't know who are you , but i will find you and i will kill you" I was my parent had that skill as it would be cool and i feel safe with them. Anyways trust me the movie is worth to watch and do watch it with your friend or anyone you can get hold of. And great there is a pimple coming out on my right cheek of my face Hias.... But anyways I hold everyone day was awesome as it already 8 days of the year and everything seem going well for me and how about you? If you are doing well great job , keep on doing what make's you happy but if you are feeling weird or upset. I would want you to put down whatever you are doing now and go out for a distress period for yourself! Ignore what's boring you just go shop , run , play or even scream but just don't scream out of the sudden in the public hahahaha Anyway i hope everyone would start a new beginning and enjoy what's around you. >.<

Signing Off

Monday, 5 January 2015

Start of a new beginning. 2015

It's been a long time since i came back online and start blogging for quite a few month already, i was too busy and my school work and had no time to blog about what happen for the past few month. But 2014 was a great year and it was also a painful one for my 2014 as lot of things around me were happening and i had to find thing to do to just occupied me as it's painful to remember what i have gone through. Nahhhh it's ok actually , everyone fall in their life and they have to stand back up on their own as we have to be independent and to walk ourselves. Had a great start on 2015 as i got to celebrate the new year with my friend and family member and we really had a great time on the new year eve as we enter into 2015. (kinda spend my time at marina bay and orchard road singapore) I had a really great present today as my gift from the start of 2015 is by falling sick as i am running fever and school is starting next week arhhh on the 12th of Jan. Anyway would recover soon as i had prepare a video with my friend for the school reopen this coming 12th of Jan 2015 , it's a secret and if you are wondering what is it about you can check out my Youtube channel : ionic_cong and the link would be attached below. Had some plans for 2015 and have quite a list of thing i would like to complete by the end of 2015 , my list consist of health , education and relationship. Would be working hard towards my goal as i had not complete it  for the past few year and now it would be better to start soon as i would be turning 18 soon by 23 March. Hmmmmmmm i think it's time for me to rest and i would promise that i would try everything to bring my blog back to live and do check out my Youtube channel.

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